Leave downtime to your competitors.

In today's global economy, a slow or unresponsive application can mean lost business any time of day. Northgate Digital combines proven, industry standard application infrastructure with state-of-the-art virtualization technologies to ensure your mission-critical applications run at peak performance around the clock - with no downtime for maintenance, upgrades, or repairs.

Unlike cloud computing, where your applications run on hardware shared with many other customers, Northgate Digital hosting and application delivery runs entirely on dedicated hardware. There are no shared resources, meaning your applications have 100% capacity at all times.

Flexibility and scalability

For software-as-a-service (SaaS) and multi-tenancy applications, Northgate Digital's virtualized hosting platform provides unprecedented performance and scalability. From single-server installations to multiple geographically separated server farms, your applications benefit from unlimited horizontal scalability, with little or no modification to your software.

Expert Support

Application delivery at Northgate Digital is backed by the same great support as our software development. Whether your question concerns hardware, software, data, or all of the above, an answer is always only one phone call away. In addition to our 24-hour web, email, and phone support, all hosted applications benefit from the following services:

  • 24-hour application, infrastructure, and resource live monitoring.
  • Automatic load balancing for scalability.
  • Content delivery network integration for download performance.
  • Application and hardware-level security. PCI compliance.
  • Software installation, certificates, email and domain configuration.
  • Automated on-site and off-site backups for disaster recovery.
  • Monthly and as-needed operating system security patches.
  • 4-hour hardware replacement service-level agreement (SLA).
  • 100% power, network, HVAC service-level agreement (SLA).

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