Northgate Digital's CTO Seth Jaslow Wins Executive Management Award

SmartCEO Magazine has named Seth Jaslow, CTO of Northgate Digital, a 2017 winner of their Executive Management Awards honoring managers with a proven history of success and innovation within their organizations. The award is given by an independent committee of local business leaders who review the nominations, and recognizes executive managers who demonstrate the highest ethics, creative and collaborative leadership, and who strive to realize the organization's mission.

Northgate Team at the SmartCEO awards

"Seth has been instrumental in the expansion of our company and the success of our clients," said Cynthia Weick, president and CEO of Northgate Digital. "He has played a key role in our leadership and we're very proud that his achievements are recognized by the business community."

About SmartCEO

SmartCEO's mission is to educate and inspire the business communities throughout Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC metropolitan areas. Nearly 50,000 offensive-minded, growth-oriented CEOs turn to SmartCEO magazine to find ideas and inspiration to help them grow their businesses, while SmartCEO awards programs celebrate entrepreneurship and the achievements of businesses throughout the region. Winners and finalists of each awards program are covered in SmartCEO magazine and celebrated at high-energy, executive-level events that bring their stories to life.

About the Executive Management Awards

The Executive Management Awards honor C-suite executives who have gone above and beyond to support and lead their organizations. SmartCEO recognizes executives in four categories: CFO, CIO/CTO, COO and CXO (other C-suite executives) who uphold the highest ethics, lead collaboratively and creatively, and enhance and support the organization’s mission. An independent committee of local business leaders reviews the Executive Management Awards nominations, and winners are chosen based on the quality of the nominations submitted. Executive Management Award winners are profiled in the March/April issue of SmartCEO magazine and celebrated at an awards reception.

To learn more about how Northgate Digital can help your business achieve success, contact us today.

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Northgate Digital Achieves ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Great news! Northgate Digital's development and quality management processes have been ISO 9001:2008 certified, confirming that all of our clients enjoy a structured, formal development methodology with rigorous quality assurance that has been audited and verified by an independent third party.

This certification highlights our structured and systematic approach to the design, development, and testing of software solutions for all of our clients, across a wide range of web, mobile, and embedded platforms. The ISO 9001:2008 quality management standard helps organizations meet their customer needs with formal, structured processes for systems development and quality assurance. The ISO 9001:2008 standard also focuses on continuous improvement, a guiding principle at Northgate Digital.

To learn more about how Northgate Digital can help your business achieve success, contact us today.

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Northgate Digital Named a 2016 Best Place to Work by Philadelphia Business Journal

What makes Northgate Digital such an amazing place to work? Simply put: our people.

At Northgate Digital, we hire only the best and brightest technologists and innovators. People with genuine professionalism and dedication. Artisans with a love of their craft and respect for everyone around them.

As a company we strive to create a work environment that is both challenging and enjoyable, where we each have the freedom and responsibility to innovate, create, and make a positive impact for ourselves and our clients. We also provide fully-paid benefits, nearly a month of paid time off per year, and other company picnics, movie outings, remote work and events to ensure a great work/life balance.

For information on current job openings, visit our careers page.

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These days if you are building mobile apps, security is a critical design component that many developers are overlooking. That was the conclusion of a 2016 study by Hewlett Packard Enterprise which found that out of 36,000 mobile apps, a whopping 96% of them failed at least one of 10 privacy checks. So when you design your next mobile app, have a look at our article below on the top five mobile app security vulnerabilities, and more importantly... How to fix them!

Five Common Mobile App Security Vulnerabilities - And How to Fix Them | App Deveoper Magazine

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Northgate Digital is pleased to announce the addition of twelve new client partnerships in the past year.

"So many great things are happening, and we are excited at the opportunity to help our new client partners accomplish their vision," said Cindy Weick, Chief Executive Officer.

"We are honored and delighted that these businesses chose to collaborate with us because of our unique combination of technical expertise, proven tools and processes, and long-standing history of successful software delivery."

Weick also mentioned Northgate Digital's push to hire new staff to help with the increase in business. The company is rolling out highly advanced technical screening and interviewing processes, to attract and retain the top technological talent worldwide. She also emphasized the supportive and professional company culture as key in attracting the best technologists.

Whether as a complete managed services provider or as a supplement to existing in-house IT capabilities, Northgate Digital enables businesses to achieve their vision with reliable, high-quality software.

Northgate Digital Celebrates Twelve New Clients Over Last Year

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Northgate Digital is pleased to announce that we have appointed Rob Laschiver as our Director of Data Services.

With over twelve years of experience in high-performance database design and architecture, Rob will be working form our Newtown office to design and launch a host of new database services for 2016, expanding upon our existing software development and business intelligence capabilities.

Rob will also be expanding our services to include database optimization and tuning, performance analysis, data architecture and design, disaster recovery, and virtualization and cloud migrations.

"Rob's expertise in database administration, his business acumen, common sense, and history of exceptional leadership make him perfectly suited to expand our line of database services," said Seth Jaslow, Chief Technology Officer of Northgate Digital.

"We look forward to launching an entire line of exceptional database services in 2016 under his expert direction."

Rob is immensely excited to join the management team at Northgate Digital, a company with fabulous in-house senior level programming talent, and an extremely loyal customer base, that has seen tremendous rapid growth in the last several years. He looks forward to helping our clients with all of their database and business intelligence needs.

Northgate Digital appoints Director of Data Services
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Planning a Data Center Migration?

At Northgate Digital we do a number of data center migrations each year, and there are a number of things that need to be taken into account to ensure a smooth and successful deployment. To help you plan your next migration, below is a list of some of the steps we consider to be essential for any data center migration.

Data Center Migration Checklist

Phase 1: Define & Design

  • Identify the scope and size of the project.
  • Resource and budget allocation.
  • Requirements for the migration.
  • Change item / system inventory, including applications and databases.
  • Risk analysis and impact assessment.
  • Create high-level project plan with key milestones and dates.
  • Define deployment and rollback procedures.
  • Business continuity plan for uninterrupted service throughout deployment.
  • Support and contact list distribution.

Phase 2: Preparation

  • Back up all data prior to migration.
  • Test rollback procedure along with mock deployment.
  • Certify / verify new environment.
  • Install / verify all applications and databases.
  • Functional testing of new environment.
  • Load test and stress test of new environment.

Phase 3: Migrate

  • Verify connectivity
  • Final data synchronization (or if possible, replication)
  • Update DNS entries
  • Final acceptance test

Phase 4: Support and Maintenance

  • Customer signoff
  • Post-deployment review
  • Verify backups are running
  • Support contacts distributed
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We're finally catching up to 2007...

Yes, it's true. We caved and created a facebook page, so you can now get all the latest news and updates from Northgate Digital on Facebook

Also, follow us on Github for the latest updates on our software projects, including Morphize, a transforming HTTP proxy using JQuery for screen scraping, mobile websites and more!

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With the upcoming release of AngularJS 2.0, I hear the question frequently: Should I start a new project with AngularJS or wait for the 2.0 release?

Despite past rumors, recent updates from the Angular team have indicated that there will in fact be an incremental upgrade option, so the decision on which AngularJS version to use is no longer as crucial as it once was. However, the architectures of the two frameworks are significantly different and there are still some important considerations.

AngularJS 2.0 is in alpha

The concepts behind AngularJS 2.0 are becoming more solidly nailed down, and an alpha release and quickstart guide are already available. This means that you can begin reviewing the newer architecture and concepts now, and make sure that your current code is in alignment; for example using “ControllerAs” and keeping logic in services. For more information about the new version, check out the AngularJS 2.0 examples.

AngularJS 1.4 is not going away

The tech landscape is constantly evolving. There is still a vibrant ecosystem and community support for AngularJS 1.4, and it is an excellent framework that won’t go away any time soon. Properly written code using AngularJS 1.3 or 1.4 will still be very maintainable and supportable for years to come, so it may not be worth waiting for the 2.0 version to start a new project. To the contrary, new technologies often contain bugs that don’t come to light until after a period of real-world testing and use. Since AngularJS 2.0 is a complete rewrite, it may be best to allow it time to mature as a framework before choosing it for your new project.

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With the recent release of Java 8, already people are asking: should we be doing new development with the new version? Should we upgrade our existing application?

While it makes sense to begin planning for future development in Java 8 and bringing your developers up to speed on the new features such as functional interfaces and lambda expressions, you may wish to wait a while before planning to upgrade anything mission-critical. Even though the community spends a great deal of time and energy making sure the new release of Java is production-ready, there are a huge number of libraries and frameworks out there. Only a bit of time will help shake out any remaining security, performance, or functional issues with the new version.

Furthermore, some libraries may have hidden dependencies on bytecode manipulation, which may cause incompatibilities with Java 8 that may be difficult to spot during testing. As others have noted, the ASM library is a common dependency for many applications and a new version is needed for Java 8. Expect frameworks to be upgraded over a period of time to have support for the newest version.

Every case is different and every company has different requirements, but in the absence of any other factors a safe recommendation may be to wait for one or two minor revisions first before considering using Java 8 for new systems development. In the meantime, it is definitely a good idea to get your development team up to speed on the new features and begin evaluating your libraries and dependencies to see where Java 8 fits into your technology roadmap.

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If I ever get carpal tunnel, I'm going to blame it on choosing Java as my weapon of choice. What was once a beautiful and enjoyable language has become nothing short of a nightmare. Java programmers should be protesting loudly at this point, I have no idea why we aren't. Until we get our acts together I guess the word "company" will have to be spelled:

private Company company; @ManyToOne(fetch = FetchType.LAZY)
@JoinColumn(name = "company_id", nullable = false)
public Company getCompany() {
} public void setCompany(Company company) { = company;

Don't get me wrong... I'm glad the Java community still agrees that we shouldn't write the push, pop and mov instructions for those getters and setters too. But come on, does anyone really think that is the best we can do?

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File this one under the "facepalm" category... If you ever get this confusing error from CakePHP 2, it almost certainly means you forgot to extend the AppModel class.

Undefined property: MyModel::$primaryKey [CORE/Cake/Controller/Scaffold.php, line 131]
Undefined property: MyModel::$displayField [CORE/Cake/Controller/Scaffold.php, line 132]
Fatal Error
Error: Call to undefined method Question::schema() 
File: lib/Cake/Controller/Scaffold.php 
Line: 137

The solution is simple. Make sure your model class extends AppModel:

class MyModel extends AppModel {
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Recently I was having an interesting problem mounting a samba share on OS X 10.8.2. I used to be able to mount a particular samba volume, but after the last update suddenly that was not the case any more.  Nothing was changed on the samba server and I was still able to mount the rest of the exports from it. Only one particular volume was rejected with the following errors in /var/log/system.log:

Feb 17 19:41:13 mac001 mount_smbfs[6342]: smb_mount: mount failed to RemoteServer/ProblemVolume, syserr = Input/output error
Feb 17 19:41:13 mac001 kernel[0]: smb_ntstatus_error_to_errno: Couldn't map ntstatus (0xc0000066) to errno returning EIO
Feb 17 19:41:13 mac001 kernel[0]: smb_ntstatus_error_to_errno: Couldn't map ntstatus (0xc0000225) to errno returning EIO

The volume was visible with “smbutil view” and was accessible from other OS like Linux and Windows 7.
Googling the error resulted in some answers, but none of them was applicable for my case, so I start experimenting with smb.conf and after few tries I found the problem. The reason was I had “force group = "@Domain Power Users"”. Creating the group and the membership on the mac client did not help and I was forced to comment out the samba directive in order to solve the problem.

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Edit: Update 13 is now out and is not blocked by Apple. For newer versions of Mac OS, simply installing the latest version of Java will get you up and running again.

Due to a recent security vulnerability in Java, Apple blacklisted certain versions of the Java 7 plugin for Mac rather than downgrade to a secure version. Because really, who uses Java anymore? Nobody needs to VPN, make conference calls, screen share, or anything like that, right? So here's how to work around this nuisance and re-enable Java to get working again.

First the disclaimers: This procedure is not endorsed or approved of by Apple (or Northgate Digital) in any way. Our recommendation is to leave Java disabled, Apple blacklisted it for a reason. But if you absolutely have to get it working, then you make this change at your own risk!

Open a Finder window and:
  1. Browse to System > Library > CoreServices
  2. Right-click on CoreTypes.bundle, and choose "Show Package Contents"
  3. Browse to Contents > Resources
  4. Delete the file Xprotect.meta.plist

Java should now run. This can be used to get your critical apps running again, but keep in mind it will also make you vulnerable to the latest exploits found in Java. Use this procedure at your own risk!

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