Northgate Digital was founded by a group of successful Internet entrepreneurs to provide top-tier software consulting services to companies worldwide. The original mission which continues to this day: To be a trusted partner and advisor, providing expert service and innovative solutions to our clients.

To achieve this mission, Northgate Digital brought together a core group of talented people to create a powerhouse provider for managing and delivering complex technology projects.



The beginning of the road

Northgate Digital is formed with a single vision: to provide quality services and consultation to clients worldwide, as a trusted partner and advisor.


After several years of providing successful consulting services to its clients, Northgate Digital is incorporated in Atlanta, GA.


Philadelphia office opens

In 2007, Northgate Digital opens its second office in historic Philadelphia, PA. In addition to expanded reach, the second location provides our company with access to an expanded talent pool, including partnerships with software developers from Indie Hall.

Celerity CMS released

In 2010, Northgate Digital releases its flagship product, Celerity Web CMS. Celerity CMS is a revolutionary Web Content Management (WCM) solution providing digital publishers with an easy-to-use, web-based system to create, manage and deliver web content through personalized user experiences.

Expanding our Team

Northgate Digital appoints Rob Laschiver as Director of Data Services, to expand the company's line of relational database consulting services.

Continuing growth

As Northgate Digital continues to grow, our mission remains the same and we make sure to never lose sight of our vision, and stay steadfast to our core values of integrity, trust, and professionalism.